Xbox is firing on all cylinders since the release of Xbox Series X|S. Game Pass is growing in value, while backwards compatibility continues to thrive with FPS Boost. Alongside this, there's a heavy community of Xbox fans on PC, and a new rumour suggests the company will be providing an update for what those players can expect going forward.

As part of reliable insider Jeff Grubb's Game Mess Show, at the 2:00 mark, he claimed there's an update coming on April 29 from head of Xbox Game Studios' Matt Booty about the future of PC gaming. While this is said to not be an event, it is expected to be some form of blog post about the "commitment" Xbox has to the platform.

"I believe that Microsoft will be doing an update about its commitment to PC gaming. There's a lot of good news around Microsoft and Xbox and stuff like that, and there's a lot of people saying there's a lot of good things happening. But whenever someone has a criticism of Xbox and Microsoft, the one thing is always the PC side of Game Pass doesn't seem quite as good."

"I'm sure they'll talk about that, but they will also in general speak in platitudes about how they feel about PC gaming overall, and how important it is to them, so expect that to happen that day [April 29] or something along those lines. This is not an event, this is not a big showcase, this is probably a blog post. But I imagine Matt Booty is going to come out and speak about PC gaming."

There's obviously a lot that could be speculated here. A look at a new Windows 10 Microsoft Store? Xbox Game Pass coming to Steam? A bunch of new titles being added to the service for PC players? The possibilities are endless. While we wait for an announcement, it's fun to speculate in the meantime. Let's see if Booty has anything up his sleeve.

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