Another day, another Xbox rumour. This one seems to be on the more plausible side however, which signals that there are currently four IPs in the works at Xbox Game Studios Publishing, one of which is based on an existing IP.

During a recent GameOnDaily podcast (at the 12:35 mark), Window's Central Gaming's Miles Dompier spilled the beans on some potential things currently being worked on at Xbox. Dompier allegedly has word on four "AAA party partnerships", none of which are related to the Hideo Kojima rumours.

"Three of these are new IPs, one is a spinoff of an existing IP [...]. I will say, one of them is not something I ever would have imagined by this team and this genre ever. So one one of them I was REALLY shocked by in terms of what it is, what the scope of it is, and who's making it."

This definitely has our interest peaked and curious for what it could be. Jez Corden, also part of Windows Central, also recently teased an AAA game coming to Xbox with an "ambitious open connected world". Many thought it was related to Ubisoft or SEGA, as Corden teased a typhoon symbol on Twitter, but it's said to not be either of those. Dompier added in the podcast that this hint is the game that is "probably the furthest along, and probably the first we will see."

As we gear up for E3, we can expect more and more of these rumours to surface. Whether we'll get all the answers during Xbox's showcase remains to be seen, but we're sure we'll get some questions answered.

Do you have any thoughts what this existing IP could be? Let us know in the comments below.