We’ve been playing a lot of Rain on Your Parade since it hit Xbox Game Pass, and it’s packed with some nifty little Easter Eggs and references. One of the best we’ve seen so far is an entire level dedicated to Metal Gear Solid.

The level in question happens fairly early on, so don’t worry about spoilers too much, but if you want to experience it for yourself, we do recommend going in blind.

The video above from The Domain shows it in its full glory. The camera uses the classic Metal Gear Solid framing, and you’re forced to complete a stealth mission while your cloud is even dressed to resemble Snake himself. Enemies react the way you’d expect, and the snowy landscape has us feeling as though we’re back on Shadow Moses itself.

This isn’t the only level with some Easter Eggs in the game, with other pop culture references flying around. There’s even one level dedicated to The Office, which we’re sure fans of the show will love. It’s managing to be a surprising little gem in Xbox Game Pass, and we’re excited to uncover more secrets like this!

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