In a special crossover article here at Pure Xbox, we're sharing a fact our friends over at Nintendo Life informed us about that we weren't actually aware of! One of the prominent ex-voices of Nintendo's Princess Peach (as well as Toad and Toadette) is also the voice of our very own Cortana from the Halo series. We're as shocked as you are! (Okay, so you may have already known, but shhh!)

Jen Taylor, who voiced Princess Peach from 1999's Mario Golf all the way up until Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch, is also famously known for voicing the iconic AI. Found at the 1:40 mark in the video, the revelation can be found and now we'll never be able to unhear the parallels between the two characters. Seems us Xbox fans have our very own princess to save.

If you're ready to have your mind blown further, the video also reveals that characters such as Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4 is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, the voice of Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants. Another fascinating Resident Evil 4 voice is Michael Gough, the man behind the antagonist Osmund Saddler, who is also known for being in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the adventurer who makes the famous line "hey you, you're finally awake!"

The world of video game voice acting is often smaller than we think. If it's not Nolan North or Troy Baker voicing everyone under the sun, it's often another group of people who mix and match in ways we never knew about. It just goes to show the prowess of their talents when we aren't even aware of facts like this.

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