Resident Evil Reverse Open Beta Available To Download Today

Resident Evil Re:Verse has an open beta launching this Thursday, but you can get ahead of the crowds by downloading the client now, ready for when it goes live later this week.

Running from April 8 to April 11, everyone will have the opportunity to test out the new multiplayer focused game, which takes iconic heroes and villains from the series and plonks them into a six player deathmatch. It'll come bundled with every copy of Resident Evil Village next month, so it's the perfect opportunity to see whether this will be worth your time. The beta is available to download now on the Microsoft Store, but you'll be unable to gain access until April 8.

"Beloved Resident Evil characters clash in a fight to the death!

Test your skills against other players in six-person deathmatch battles.

But don't forget the terrifying bioweapons! You'll need to master the skills of the heroes and bioweapons alike if you want to claw your way to victory!"

Unlike other games in the series, Resident Evil Re:Verse takes a cel-shaded art style, so we're not expecting it to give anyone any sleepless nights, and it'll be interesting to see if this finds an audience. Resident Evil Resistance, which came bundled with Resident Evil 3 Remake, quickly fell off the radar - but maybe this will have more luck.

Will you be checking out the Resident Evil Re:Verse open beta? Let us know in the comments below.

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