If you ever thought there was a lack of realistic motorcycle racing sims on Xbox, then RiMS Racing aims to rectify that on August 19, when it hits Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

The racer will provide a unique experience, as players will be able to fully customise and tweak their bike for optimal performance. There's said to be over 500 official spare parts available, with more than 200 official equipment items for the rider. You'll be able to mess with a variety of settings, such as brake disc temperature and tyre pressure, meaning you'll have full control on the racetrack.

"RiMS Racing is the first motorcycling simulation game that combines a realistic riding challenge with engineering and mechanics! Ride the world's most powerful bikes and optimise their performance by swapping out parts and analysing data in real time."

It sounds similar to Project Cars, which delivered a competitive racer with a lot of hardcore options and customisation for racing fans out there. It may not have the widest of appeal, but motorcycle aficionados will undoubtedly want to check this out when it launches this summer.

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