Lawyers Are Paying For Xbox Controllers With Drift Issues

There's been a long running legal battle surrounding drift issues with the Xbox One and Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers, but we haven't heard much in a while. However, a recently shared email from lawyers involved with the case seems to suggest they're building evidence by purchasing faulty controllers from Xbox users.

As shared by one Reddit user, Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP has emailed people involved with the case in an attempt to see if they can buy their faulty controllers off of them. The email also references that the case is being moved to arbitration, which means settling the matter without going to court.

But to assist with this step, they are inquiring for for faulty controllers, such as asking how severe the fault is, and how much they would be willing to be sold for.

The Reddit post owner has popped the email in the thread for anyone who wishes to respond with their own controller experiences, but it's unclear what the going rate is for selling a faulty controller.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is an expensive peripheral, and many people have reported drift issues with the analogue sticks after just a few months. Others have reported issues with standard controllers, but it doesn't seem as widespread as the Elite problems. Hopefully this is something that will be stamped out in the Xbox Series X generation.

Have you suffered with stick drift issues on Xbox controllers? Let us know in the comments below.

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