Nacon got us all very excited back in July last year when it officially revealed the next Test Drive Unlimited game, called Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown. And now, it looks like we're getting more details over the next few days.

The publisher is currently hosting a "racing week" for its franchises, which includes some kind of new information on Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, as well as the world premiere trailer for WRC 10 tomorrow.

The Test Drive Unlimited series was highly popular back in the days of the Xbox 360, but it's remained dormant for the past ten years. Solar Crown is the third entry, and is being developed by the WRC 9 team, KT Racing.

We haven't had a proper look at how it'll play as of yet (just a teaser trailer), but the game will reportedly feature an island created at a 1:1 scale, where you can visit everything you can see. Sounds exciting to us!

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