Title Hero

Microsoft has announced today that some new updates have arrived on the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass app that will make it much easier to see which languages a game supports in the future.

As you can see above, the details page of any game will now show you "what aspects of the game have been localized for a given language, including the game’s interface (game controls and on-screen menus, for example), the spoken audio you’ll hear from the characters, and subtitles corresponding to that audio."

"You can now easily determine whether a game contains any in-game language support based on a ‘Languages’ label before you even open the product details page. In-game language information is being collected for three elements of the gaming experience – a title’s interface, audio and subtitles – across 27 languages. We’ve already added language tags to hundreds of games and will add more over time."

Microsoft says this is "an important step toward our goal of making you and your friends feel at home when you play on Xbox," and more updates will arrive later this year "to make it even easier for you to find and play games that are right for you, meeting your unique preferences and needs." Sounds good!

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[source news.xbox.com]