We've had some varying reports on the Xbox Series S from different developers. Some have focused on it being a pretty easy system to develop for, while others have cited concerns over it being a less powerful console compared to the Xbox Series X. A developer on Control Ultimate Edition has also now shared some thoughts, with a recent interview shedding some light into the development process for the console.

Speaking to IGN, developer Thomas Puha from Remedy was asked about the difficulties building the next-gen version of Control Ultimate Edition for multiple systems. According to him, the Xbox Series S understandably has some downsides to development, as it naturally "dictates" how all three versions should run.

"The Series S, well, it's no different from the previous generations where the system with the lowest specs does end up dictating a few of the things that you're gonna do, because you're going to have to run on that system, right? And it's very easy to say that 'why don't you just lower your resolution and texture quality and off you go?' It's just nowhere near that simple, it sounds good when you say it and every engine is built in a different way."

"It depends on are you making like an engine that's much more about [being] GPU bound or CPU bound? Which [of the two] are you taxing a whole lot more? Well, we kind of tax kind of both, because we have a lot of physics and we have a lot of the raytracing effects, but then that makes a huge, huge difference especially on Series S. So it's a lot more difficult to engineer an old game to make sure it works on everything."

Puha did go on to explain that, now that Remedy is more aware of the requirements and knows what they're building for the future, development should go a lot smoother, but he still recognises how there's a "lower barrier of entry" for next-gen and how some "compromises" will have to be made.

"Now that we're building the future games, and hey, we know these are the systems it has to run, we take that into account from day one and we can ensure that all platforms have as good of an experience as possible. That's what needs to happen. We appreciate there's a lower barrier of entry for the next-gen experience, but like, you know, the more hardware you have, the more you have to ultimately compromise a little bit when you are a smaller studio."

Ultimately, it sounds like Puha isn't overly keen on the idea of the Xbox Series S due to it making next-gen development more difficult and time consuming, but ultimately the team is aware of how to manage those demands moving forward.

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