Rare Adds Quest Into Sea Of Thieves To Commemorate Dev Who Passed Away

Rare has added a new quest known as "The Legend of Glitterbeard" into Sea of Thieves. The new adventure has been made to honour James 'Jim' White, an apprentice data analyst who worked at the company and sadly passed away.

As highlighted by True Achievements, in an effort to continue his legacy in the game, the latest questline sees Jim taking the role of Glitterbeard, acting as a "selfless guide to the players who follow in his wake". Rare has said in a blog post that they hope this inclusion captures his "kindness and compassion".

Marking the anniversary of his passing, the quest tasks players with venturing across the seven seas to complete "scattered chronicles of his adventures", which is the team's work to "represent and memorialise him in Sea of Thieves."

"Now it's up to you to go out and find The Legend of Glitterbeard yourselves. We’ve shaped this one-off storyline in memory of someone we miss, placing him in the world forever as the larger-than-life Glitterbeard, selfless guide to the players who follow in his wake.

Should you discover the scattered chronicles of his adventures, they – and the huge heart behind them – are something we hope you enjoy sharing with friends, family, crewmates and other voyagers you meet on the seas. Best of luck to you all, pirates."

Players who complete the quest will also receive the secret achievement, The Legend of Glitterbeard. We won't spoil the quest or the achievement details, but it's definitely another lovely way to immortalise Jim's memory within the game.

Have you tried to The Legend of Glitterbeard questline yet? Let us know in the comments below.

[source trueachievements.com, via seaofthieves.com]