It feels like we only just got Immortals Fenyx Rising’s first piece of DLC, and now Ubisoft has confirmed its second, Myths of the Eastern Realm, will be arriving on March 25.

This expansion definitely looks like an interesting one, having you controlling a brand new character known as Ku. It’s based around Chinese mythology, with a brand new area, monsters to hunt down, and quests to solve.

Not only that, but players can dive into a free quest now, which serves as a precursor to the DLC. The mission titled We Are Not Alone will be available after downloading the latest patch, and as Ubisoft describes it in the blog post, ”it offers a stamina-testing platforming challenge in the clouds, with an appropriately themed prize for players who complete it.”

We only have one more DLC to come after this, which is said to return to Fenyx and play out in an isometric top-down gameplay style. Definitely a fresh take on the game’s formula, which we’re intrigued to see play out. All of the DLCs are available separately, or as part of the game's season pass.

Will you be grabbing Myths of the Eastern Realm? Let us know in the comments below.

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