We Were Here is slowly becoming a bit of a cult series, as We Were Here Forever marks the fourth entry in the franchise to be announced. The latest instalment is expected to launch on Xbox Series X|S at some point in Q4 this year.

Much like previous games in the series, players will be tasked to complete a variety of puzzle solving challenges through constant communication and teamwork. It encourages players to talk to one another and come up with solutions as one, all whilst uncovering its deep and mysterious story.

We Were Here Forever is all about cooperative puzzle solving through communication and observation with a whole new set of puzzles and new parts of Castle Rock to explore.

We Were Here Forever is the largest We Were Here game yet and features:

- All new asymmetrical cooperative puzzles and challenges

- An even more intriguing and thrilling story

- A lively world full of charming and thrilling details

- Next gen experience from UI to gameplay

The series definitely inspires to create something new and unique, and our friends over at Push Square have had a blast on the most recent instalment. There's no mention of an Xbox One version either, so this one seems strictly limited to next-gen systems, which is exciting in itself.

Will you be checking out We Were Here Forever when it launches? Let us know in the comments below.

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