Xbox 360 Game Darksiders Is (Kind Of) Free To Claim Right Now

The second batch of February 2021's Xbox Games with Gold were unleashed earlier today, but if you fancy another one, Xbox 360 game Darksiders is also currently available... but it's accessible via another region.

Fortunately, you can claim Darksiders via the Argentinian Microsoft Store without having to jump through any hoops - simply sign into your account, follow the link below, and claim the game to add it to your account.

As with all Xbox Games with Gold, once you've claimed the game it's yours to keep, but bare in mind that you might already have Darksiders in your library as it was given away with the service all the way back in 2017.

And finally, we advise doing this at your own risk, as while Microsoft has made the game freely available to access in any region this way, it's still coming up at full price on the majority of versions of the Microsoft Store.

Have you claimed Darksiders with your Gold sub? Any issues? Let us know down in the comments.