Update (Wed 24th Feb, 2021 19:15 GMT): We've got a date! Narita Boy will launch on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass in just a few short weeks on March 30th, as revealed by publisher Team17 earlier today.

Original story (Wed 3rd Feb, 2021 20:45 GMT): Narita Boy, a Tron inspired side-scrolling adventure from publisher Team 17, is set to launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series this Spring. The game will also be available via Xbox Game Pass on day one, however no specific release date has been confirmed as of yet.

Outside of its influenced art work, Narita Boy is said to be a love-letter to the 80s, taking place in a game inside of another game. Infusing classic 2D platforming with fast paced combat, it looks like a wonderful representation of the 80s, especially with its art style which gives the impression the game is being played off of an old school TV screen.

"Narita Boy puts players in the shoes of the eponymous digital warrior chosen to wield the Techno-Sword, a legendary weapon capable of defeating fearsome foes in melee or from afar as it instantly transforms into a shotgun or devastating laser beam.

By using this new weapon and with the help of the Motherboard, the spiritual leader of the Digital Kingdom, players will face corrupted enemies and hulking bosses to save the electronic synthwave world from the invading Stallions, a group of rogue code bent on forced rule and subjugation. During the journey, players will also explore the memories of the creator that reveals his story, from his early years in Japan, to his creation of—and connection with—the Digital Kingdom."

Despite its influences, it looks genuinely quite unique and a lot of fun. Xbox Game Pass has a fantastic way of introducing us to many games we may have never usually played that end up becoming well received. Narita Boy could very well be the next one.

Will you be checking out Narita Boy when it launches this Spring? Let us know in the comments below.

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