Respawn Wants To Bring 120FPS To Apex Legends On Xbox Series X

Respawn's Apex Legends is one of the few highly-popular free-to-play games that has yet to receive an Xbox Series X upgrade, but the developer says it would like to introduce a 120FPS mode when it arrives.

Speaking as part of a Reddit AMA, the developer explained that it couldn't make any promises, wanting to ensure players get the best overall experience possible, but nevertheless it's "high on the priority list".

"120 FPS is one of our goals and as we continue to look at NG features and balance between what we think is best for the overall player experience for NG, we're keeping this in mind. Can't promise anything but with the core mechanics 'feel' of Apex being such an important piece of the player experience this one is high on the priority list."

Apex Legends is officially confirmed to be getting this next-gen upgrade at some point later this year, in which players can expect a performance boost up to 1440p, with more formal enhancements to be announced in the future.

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