Random: This LEGO Hollow Knight Set Needs To Become A Reality
Image: Ben Osborne

LEGO appears to be slowly venturing into the games world with more and more sets available. Most recently we had the confirmation that a Sonic The Hedgehog set was being commissioned, after being supported by many fans. Hollow Knight seems to be another game attracting attention from many LEGO aficionados, and it’s easy to understand why.

The set recently appeared on the LEGO Ideas site, a place where creators can share their designs in the hopes of one day becoming a real set. Created by Ben Osborne, the set has already gained over 350 supporters and is constantly rising. It perfectly embodies the world of the game, as well as many iconic characters such as The Knight and Cornifer the Cartographer. We’ve already fallen in love with it.

Obviously it’s a long road before this set can even be considered to be a reality and the project still has over a year left on the site, but judging by the initial reaction, LEGO could be on to another winner here - if the community is loud enough.

Would you like to see the LEGO Hollow Knight set become a reality? Let us know in the comments below.

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