The Big Question, Is Phil Spencer Hiding New Xbox Secrets On His Shelf?
Image: Microsoft

Xbox boss Phil Spencer made one of his first appearances of the year as part of the Microsoft AI and Gaming Research Summit earlier today, but Xbox fans have been focusing mostly on the objects behind him on his shelves.

Fans have pointed out that Spencer has, among other things, a Nintendo Switch back there, along with a Kojima Productions Ludens figure next to the big Xbox logo. As you can imagine, it's conjuring up plenty of speculation!

Spencer famously hid the then-unannounced Xbox Series S on his shelf at home during interviews last year, and Microsoft recently revealed it had shown off the new Xbox Wireless Headset months before its official reveal.

Naturally, many fans are also highly dismissive of the idea that Spencer might be hiding something this time around, especially considering the obscure objects on display, but you never know! He's done it before, he'll do it again!

Do you think Spencer is hiding anything on his shelves? Give us your thoughts below.