Microsoft Has Announced A Gaming Event, But It's Not What You Think

Microsoft has announced a gaming event for February 23-24, with Xbox head Phil Spencer noted to make an appearance. However, instead of focusing on game reveals, the two-day showcase will focus on the background elements to Xbox gaming, such as AI agents for gaming and testing.

As spotted by Thurrott, the event is known as the AI and Gaming Research Summit. While it may not be home to massive game reveals and announcements, it will instead be diving into the technology and strategy behind them, which could actually be very interesting.

Spencer will be joined by other corporate bodies across the two days, as the summit covers four specific areas:

    • AI Agents for gameplay and game testing
    • Responsible Gaming, including ethics, safety, and inclusivity
    • Computational creativity and content generation
    • Understanding Players, player engagement and analytics

Again, while this may not sound the most exciting news, it gives an insight into the background behind Xbox gaming and potentially a vision of the future. So it could provide some noteworthy information.

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