Og Xbox
Image: @SeamusBlackley

Earlier this week, Seamus Blackley - the creator and designer of the first Xbox - asked fans if they wanted to see a classic model (based on the 2000 prototype model) that could stream and play original games.

Just days later, Blackley has now followed up on his original tweet. Before he gets in contact with the head of Xbox Phil Spencer, he just wants to let everyone know he's "amazed by the response", is "psyched" people like the idea and believes it might just be possible.

Blackley further stated how ideas like this can often be "hard" to greenlight but are often "worth the pain".

"Hey everybody- before I irritate Phil- I’m psyched people like this idea. I wanted to see if people were still psyched about our old design. I’m amazed by the response. Maybe this is possible. It’s hard, all this stuff. But sometimes it’s worth the pain."

While all of this might seem like a bit of a pipe dream, Blackley has previously played a part in the revival of the original Xbox Duke controller.

Do you think there's a chance of the classic Xbox making a comeback in some way or form? Think Phil would approve? Share your thoughts down below.

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