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Remedy Entertainment can celebrate 2020 being its most profitable year so far, despite releasing no new games.

Coming off the popularity of Control, with multiple post-launch expansions and an Ultimate Edition released, the company saw 2020 as a massive success, reports.

In 2020, the developer’s operating profile was €13.2 million, over double what was seen in 2019 when €6.5 million was made. Additionally, the company’s revenue rose 35% from the previous year, making €24.1 million in total.

November was the biggest month for Control so far, before it was later added into Xbox Game Pass in December, no doubt adding more success for the title. Last year also saw numerous discounts for the game, especially the Ultimate Edition, which was frequently on sale after its launch in August all the way up until its Xbox Series X launch earlier this month, which more than likely helped its sales.

Going forward, Control is going to play a big part in the developer’s vision for the future, as it sets up the Remedy Connected Universe. With a strong vision for the future, Remedy is clearly certain its IPs have the ability to carry the company to even bigger and better years.

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