Talking Point: What Are Your Favourite Xbox Demo Disc Memories?

Back in the days before downloading a demo, a free trial or a beta was common on console, samples of games were provided in the form of demo discs, either sold separately or included with Xbox magazines.

And pretty much anyone who used to buy these things back in the day will have a fond memory-or-two - after all, they provided hours of fun at a fraction of the cost of a full-sized game, and they were a great collector's item as well!

Of course, downloads eventually became far more prominent, and Official Xbox Magazine stopped including demo discs with issues as of January 2012, before eventually shutting entirely in March of last year.

The memories will always live on though, so thinking about demo discs specifically, can you recall any particular demos that you used to love? Did you collect these discs? Tell us down in the comments below!