Phil Spencer: 2021 Is Going To Be An Incredible Year For Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Live's Major Nelson held a final 2020 interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer yesterday as part of his regular podcast, and during it, Spencer was asked a bit about the success of Xbox Game Pass over the year.

Spencer began by highlighting the success of Game Pass in terms of "the numbers that we're hitting", as well as pointing out that some developers are actually now targeting the service with their games prior to building them.

"We look at Game Pass today and it's, what, three years old? And the numbers that we're hitting, the engagement, the way that creators are now targeting Game Pass - we get people from their original idea of a game coming to us and saying 'hey, we'd like this to be a Game Pass game and can you work with us on that?', which is just fantastic."

The Xbox boss also went on to talk about the different kinds of games that people have discovered across console, PC and Android on Xbox Game Pass in 2020, and teased that 2021 will be an "incredible year" as well.

"2020 was an important year for the Game Pass team, the portfolio, getting EA Play inside [the library], but I think 2021 is just going to be an incredible year when I look at the lineup of games coming, and the continued work to bring it to more and more people."

What do you think Xbox Game Pass has in store for us in 2021? Give us your thoughts below.