Hitman 3 Hit With Server Issues As Players Unable to Transfer Hitman 2 Progress

Update: Some players are now reporting success with their Hitman 2 transfer, although work continues to "get everything running smooth". You can follow progress updates at the IO Interactive Twitter account.

Original story: IO Interactive has confirmed it is actively looking into getting the progression crossover system in Hitman 3 back online as the day one launch has caused a massive strain.

Players have the ability to carry over their Hitman 2 progress, complete with all unlockable and levels found in the previous titles. However, it appears the system that allows you to do that is down. Upon loading up Hitman 3, players are asked whether they wish to carry over progress which takes them to the Xbox's web browser to do so, but unfortunately the site is currently overwhelmed with traffic.

Since the progress made on Hitman 3 is wiped once a save crossover has been done, it's left many simply waiting for a fix. IO Interactive says it is "hard at work on getting IOI Account back online to enable progression carryover".

There's no estimate time on when this may be, but lets hope its sooner rather than later so we can all begin our killing sprees on the latest maps. We'll drop you an update when IO Interactive provides one!

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