Four More Games Are Joining Xbox Game Pass Today (Jan 21)

It's Xbox Game Pass time! We've got another four games joining the service today, highlighted by the addition of Desperados III across console, PC and Android, as well as the excellent Control for PC.

Here are the new games you can download with Xbox Game Pass today:

Control (PC)

From developer Remedy Entertainment, this supernatural 3rd person action-adventure will challenge you to master the combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world.

Desperados III (Console, PC, Android)

Desperados III is a story-driven, hardcore tactical stealth game, set in a ruthless Wild West scenario. Play smart if you want to succeed. A good plan can make the difference between survival and finding yourself at the business end of a pistol.

Donut County (Console, PC, Android)

Donut County is a story-based physics puzzle game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground. Meet cute characters, steal their trash, and throw them in a hole.

Outer Wilds (Android)

Outer Wilds is an open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. You’re the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space program searching for answers in a strange, constantly evolving solar system.

Interested in any of these new Xbox Game Pass titles? Let us know in the comments.