Former Xbox Boss Explains Why An Xbox Handheld Console Has Never Been Created

Ever wondered why a portable Xbox console has never seen the light of day? Robbie Bach, who ran the Xbox business between 2001 to 2010, said that proposals for a handheld system "just would not die" internally.

As transcribed by Gamespot, a recent interview with Bach during the New York Game Awards dove into some of the reasons why the company has avoided making a handheld system for so long.

"During my time at Xbox, there were at least three groups that presented portable Xbox presentations. They always got called 'Xboy' for some reason. Would have been a trademark problem, I'm sure. All three times we decided not to do it."

He later went into more detail about why this wouldn't have been feasible, comparing the production of a handheld to creating an entire new Xbox system from scratch, and preferring to keep the focus on the main consoles:

"It would have meant starting up another team. It would have been like starting Xbox [again] except creating a handheld. And we just didn't have the bandwidth to do that."

Bach added that despite shutting down proposals for a handheld, pitches from employees "just would not die". Obviously it never came to fruition, which is why we are yet to see the fabled 'Xboy' in our homes.

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