EA's Acquisition Of Codemasters Set To Be Sanctioned Next Month

EA's bid to acquire Codemasters continues to progress, as the directors of the Dirt, Dirt Rally and F1 studio have agreed to vote in favour of the $1.2 billion offer, with the decision now officially binding (thanks VGC).

That means if another company now comes in with a higher bid for Codemasters, the studio will reportedly still be required to go with EA's offer, unless Electronic Arts decides to pull out of the deal.

The next step is for Codemasters' shareholders to approve the bid, which the developer's board has unanimously suggested they do, with a meeting to be held on February 3rd. Should those shareholders agree, there will be a court hearing to sanction the deal on February 16th. It's all getting very real now!

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[source videogameschronicle.com]