In case you'd forgotten, Control Ultimate Edition arrives for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Tuesday, February 2nd, bringing some next-gen specific improvements to (only) the Ultimate version of the game.

We already knew that it was introducing two performance modes for Xbox Series X - one with ray-tracing and one for 60FPS - and now Remedy communications director Thomas Puha has elaborated further on Twitter:

As you can see, both modes will be targeting 1440p render resolution with a 4K output on Xbox Series X, but in a follow-up, Puha noted that the Xbox Series S will only run in the 60 frames per-second performance mode.

Unfortunately, save games won't transfer over from the last-gen version to the next-gen upgrade due to the "way different" engine being used, so you'll reportedly have to start from scratch on Xbox Series consoles.

"Save games unfortunately do not transfer over from previous gen to next-gen. The version of our engine in the next-gen Control is way different to the version used in the previous gen Control. Long story short, lot of changes in things like how we handle data etc."

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