We've had our first big reveal of the year in the form of Bethesda's upcoming Indiana Jones Game, which the company is working on with studio MachineGames, best known for developing the modern Wolfenstein titles.

But actually, we had our first taste of this game as far back as September (!), when Bethesda director and executive producer Todd Howard included Indiana Jones clues (The Ark of the Covenant and Golden Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark) behind him in an interview with Xbox Live's Major Nelson.

This isn't the first time we've seen Xbox employees (or soon-to-be Xbox employees in Todd's case) hide upcoming reveals in the background of interviews, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer famously doing the same thing with the Xbox Series S console in July last year, sneakily placing it sideways on one of his shelves without anyone realising.

Did you clock onto this at the time? Excited for the Indiana Jones game? Let us know below.