Some of you may remember the cult classic motorbike game from the year 2000 on PC known as Elasto Mania. 21 years later and it's making its surprising debut on consoles, coming to the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Re-released on Steam last year, its continued popularity has seemingly called for a console version of the classic game to be made in the vein of a remastered version. The game has been confirmed to release sometime in 2021, and is said to feature an array of visual enhancements.

Not only that, but a beta is being made available for console players, too. Sign-ups are available now and if accepted, you'll be the first to sample the remastered version before it officially hits consoles later this year. Little else is known outside of a small update on the game's website:

"What is Elasto Mania Remastered? It's the best version of Elasto Mania yet - containing all the enhancements of the current Steam version, with additional never-before-seen higher fidelity assets straight from the original creators of Elasto Mania that couldn't be added to the game 20 years ago, and some more goodies."

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