Random: Fan Plays Microsoft Flight Simulator Aboard Real Life Flight

Much has been made of Microsoft Flight Simulator's incredible accuracy since its release with Xbox Game Pass for PC back in August, but one fan took this test to the next level recently during a flight to Amsterdam, conducting the very same flight simultaneously in-game - with amazing results.

Rami Ismail, executive director of gamedev.world documented the trip in a very long thread on Twitter, consistently highlighting how well synced up the game was with the real life flight, pointing out on numerous occasions that the clouds and even the stars appeared to look the same in Flight Sim.

Ismail went on to note that both planes started descent at "almost the exact same second", but the game ended up winning the race by about four minutes due in-part to landing on a different runway.

"The sim was about 4 minutes fast. Weather matched, light matched, stars matched. Wild. Absolutely staggering."

Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to amaze on PC, then, and hopefully it won't be too long before it heads to console, with developer Asobo Studios noting back in August that it was "working full speed" to make that version happen.

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[source twitter.com, via pcgamesn.com]