Looks Like Quick Resume Could Be Fixed Sooner Than Expected On Xbox Series X|S

Since the Xbox Series X|S launch, the highly talked about feature Quick Resume has been a little rocky, with some games completely disabling the feature until the bugs are ironed out.

Xbox's Jason Ronald noted this recently and promised more news in the coming days and weeks, and it seems it may be closer than expected as the next Skip Ahead Alpha build for Insider members appears to have rectified the issue.

As pointed out by The Verge’s senior editor Tom Warren, amongst the patch notes for the next updates, one states: “Fixed an issue where Quick Resume was not working correctly for titles.”

As with previous Insider updates, these will roll out to all Xbox members soon, suggesting that Quick Resume could be fixed. It is worth noting that the notes are fairly vague and don't specifically highlight which titles, but fingers crossed it's all of them!

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[source news.xbox.com]