Analysis Reveals What Xbox Fans Are Paying To Get A Series X On eBay

The release of the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 has seen plenty of stock shortages over the past few weeks, and scalpers have taken this opportunity to resell the systems at highly inflated prices online.

Of course, reselling consoles at overly high prices isn't worth the time and effort unless people are actually willing to buy them, and according to an analysis by The Verge, that's exactly what's happening on eBay.

In a report, the outlet explained that it averaged the actual final sale price of a thousand Xbox Series X and S consoles on eBay to arrive at a average "street price", while also subtracting "a few sketchy outliers". Here are the results:

  • Xbox Series X (retails for $499) - $835
  • Xbox Series S (retails for $299) - $471

The report also noted that the PlayStation 5 was selling at over $1000 on the website, and that adding extra games, controllers or accessories wasn't even necessary in order to attract buyers at these prices.

Of course, the sad news to take away from this is that scalping practices on eBay aren't likely to go away anytime soon while people are still willing to pay over the odds. Microsoft has told fans it's doing everything it can in order to build more Xbox Series X consoles, so hopefully the stock situation will pick up sooner rather than later.

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