Xbox Series X|S Was Reportedly Microsoft's Biggest UK Console Launch Ever
Image: Microsoft

Early figures seem to be showing high demand for the Xbox Series X|S in the UK, with an early report suggesting the console has hit 155,000 sold during launch day alone.

According to a recent report (thanks, VGC), various publishers have revealed initial figures for the consoles, which show strong results for Microsoft in the UK - the Xbox's second highest grossing country outside of the US.

The 155,000 sold on launch day beat the previous record by 5,000, which was originally held during the first two days after the Xbox One was released back in 2013. That said, as the report states, it's likely the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would have sold even better had there been more stock available.

As Xbox head Phil Spencer pointed out a few days after the consoles' launch, the release has marked the largest in Xbox history, however, he is keen to stay away from sharing console sales and instead focus on player numbers.

With that in mind, Spencer later pointed out in an interview over the weekend that the company "need[s] more consoles" as "demand is just so high."

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