Xbox's Tokyo Game Show mascot
Image: Xbox

One major area of focus for Xbox in recent times has been improving its library of Japanese video games.

A new report from Bloomberg sheds some more light on this, revealing how Microsoft has approached "several" Japanese developers (of all sizes) about a potential buyout.

"Several Japan-based game developers, from small to big, said it had approached them about buying their businesses. They asked not to be identified as the talks were private, and declined to give details on how the discussions went."

Sarah Bond - who oversees relations with creators across Microsoft's gaming ecosystem - also reportedly mentioned how Xbox has ramped up discussions with Japanese developers, in general, to encourage them to bring more games to Xbox.

One happens to be Koei Tecmo - with the company president stating how he's willing to consider more games for Xbox if Phil and co continue to show interest in Japan.

It's no secret Xbox wants to improve its market presence and relations within this country.

In recent months, for example, Spencer has spoken about how the Xbox team in Japan has been working really hard and obviously, there have been ongoing rumours about Microsoft acquiring a Japanese studio.

Are there any games companies in Japan you would like to see join team Xbox? Share your thoughts below.