Raw Fury has confirmed today that the dimension spanning rogue-lite strategy RPG Star Renegades is coming to Xbox One on November 19th, and it'll also be available with Xbox Game Pass for console.

The game sees you fighting for survival across a procedurally generated and emergent mission-based campaign, featuring a tactical turn-based battle system that emphasises interrupts and counters.

If you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber and you fancy trying it early, Star Renegades is already available via Game Pass for PC after launching on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 a few months ago.

As your band of heroes fall in the fight against invading Imperium and hope is all but lost, J5T-1N must be sent to the next dimension with everything you’ve learned to give the next group of heroes a chance to prevail. Each dimension, and each playthrough is unique, challenging, and never the same.

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