Roundup: Xbox Series X|S Review Impressions

Today's the day! The reviews for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have officially gone live, with outlets around the world posting their impressions about the two consoles. We've already unveiled our review of the Xbox Series X (to cut a long story short, we're loving it!), but here are some more opinions from across the web...

Xbox Series X Review Impressions

Pure Xbox

Microsoft has really built up the hype and made a lot of promises with this system over the past year, and based on our experiences with it so far, it definitely appears to have been worth the wait. It's evidently powerful, super responsive, virtually quiet at all times, and most importantly, makes playing games across all four generations of Xbox more immersive and enjoyable than ever before.

Eurogamer (Digital Foundry)

Ultimately, I believe that in Series X, Microsoft has indeed delivered an excellent next-generation system - but one that likely won't show its many strengths at launch. Part of that is down to the lack of first party titles that really put the new technology through its paces and another part is very much down to Microsoft's vision of a more gradual evolution in gaming as opposed to the generational, revolutionary shift Sony is aiming for with PlayStation 5.


This bold and minimalistically designed box is quiet, compact for both the power it packs and especially how it compares to the PS5, capable, and loaded with convenience features like instantly resuming and cycling between any of your recently played games. Compared directly to the PlayStation 5’s specs, it flat-out gives you more power for the same price. It’s going to be a joy to see what developers actually do with it in the coming years.


The Xbox Series X is everything the Xbox One wasn't. It's fast in every way, it handles 4K gaming with ease, and it obliterates lengthy loading times. It's purely focused on delivering the best gaming experience possible, instead of being a half-hearted all-in-one entertainment device. The only problem is there aren't many compelling games at launch, which leaves Microsoft a bit flat-footed against the PS5. Still, even without many exclusive games, the Series X will run many existing games just as well as a modern PC. And for many gamers, that's enough.

Trusted Reviews

The Xbox Series X doesn’t win on launch exclusives, but when it comes to features it is an amazing bit of kit, with highlights including Quick Resume, Smart Delivery and Xbox Game Pass. These are all elements that will define Xbox for years to come, and usher in a new era of gaming with spectacular style.

Xbox Series S Review Impressions


All in all, the Series S offers plenty of present-day value considering it only costs $300. It’s limited to 1440p resolution and has a claustrophobically small storage space, but it’s tiny and quiet, with snappy load times, and can play games at 120 frames per second if your TV can support it. I’m mostly concerned about its long-term viability. Games are only going to get more demanding going forward, so the Series S isn’t something I’d recommend as your main gaming platform.

The Verge

It feels like the Series S has a lot of potential but not enough games to fully realize what this smaller Xbox can do. I’m hoping to see more games offer 120fps modes on the Series S, choices for graphical settings, and ray tracing. There’s a lot of promise here, but it feels too early to say exactly how the Series S will perform in this next generation.


If you’ve found yourself reading through this review after the fervor for new hardware has waned because you want an affordable way to play some Xbox games, the Series S is great for you. The reality is that it takes someone who’s really paying attention to see the differences between what the Series X and S offer. If you only play games occasionally, the Series S has plenty of power and performance for a more affordable price.

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