You Can Uninstall Different Parts Of Some Games On Xbox Series X|S

Worried about using up too much storage space on your Xbox Series X|S? Here's a neat way around it - some games will allow you to uninstall different parts of the title in order to reduce its footprint.

This was confirmed by Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald on a podcast this week, noting that this is a brand-new feature for the new consoles, but it will only apply to select titles:

“Even beyond the hardware, we’ve actually made user interface improvements to make it easier for you to manage your storage. As an example, one of the new features that we’re adding is actually for - if a title chooses to support it - the ability to selectively uninstall different components of the game.

“So, let’s say you play a campaign as an example, and then you want to focus exclusively on multiplayer. If the developers chose to support it, you can actually uninstall the campaign itself so you can be more in control of how you’re actually using your storage, so that you really get the most benefit out of the available storage that you have.”

Nothing else has been revealed about this feature for now, so we don't which know games will support it (if any) at launch, but in any case it sounds like it'll be a very useful way to manage storage effectively on Xbox Series X|S.

And of course, we've already seen this sort of thing implemented as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection in the past, which allows you to selectively download different parts of the game that you want to play.

Liking this idea? Hoping to see it widely supported on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know below.

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