The ever-investigative Digital Foundry has been busy drumming up another report on the Xbox Series X, this time in terms of its power consumption efficiency and heat production.

We've already heard from multiple sources how that latter point is nothing to worry about (and Digital Foundry confirms that "excess heat generation is successfully dealt with" by the console), but the power consumption element of this report throws up some particularly interesting figures.

In a nutshell, as detailed in the video above, the Xbox Series X appears to be far more power efficient than the Xbox One X when running backwards compatible titles, even when it's delivering up to double the performance.

Meanwhile, in next-gen optimised games such as Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Dirt 5, the power draw remains around 140-170W, while Gears 5's Xbox Series X version pushes slightly over 200W leading to a max temperature of 62c.

Here's how the outlet sums all of its tests up:

"Ultimately, I can only see good news coming out of the results of these tests. First of all, there's no need to worry about Xbox Series X's power consumption or thermals - it's more demanding than the consoles we already own, but there's almost a sense that the thermal solution is over-engineered when the overall power draw (seen thus far at least) is only a relatively small step away from Xbox One X, despite the big leap in performance. In fact, Series X's power draw is quite similar to the launch PlayStation 3 - but the thermal solution is obviously on another level."

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