Xbox Series VR References Spotted In Microsoft Flight Simulator Files

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed earlier this year that Microsoft has no plans to support VR at the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but we wouldn't rule out the possibility of VR on Xbox eventually.

In fact, as reported by Windows Central, a user on the Microsoft Flight Simulator forum has discovered a mention of "Scarlett_VR" in the game's files - a reference to the codename of the Xbox Series generation of hardware.

Before we get too excited, there's no guarantee this means Flight Sim will be playable in VR on Xbox Series X|S - it could just be for internal testing only, or might even point to some kind of new device joining the 'Scarlett' family.

That said, it certainly fuels speculation that Microsoft might be thinking about adding some kind of VR support to Xbox Series X|S, so let's hope something comes of this in the relatively near future...

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