Video: This Is How Quickly The Xbox 360 Emulator Loads On Xbox Series X

We've been seeing a lot of reports over the past week about how quickly the Xbox Series X can load backwards compatible games compared to the Xbox One, and this even extends to the Xbox 360 emulator itself.

As demoed by the world's first Gamerscore millionaire Stallion83 on Twitter, you barely get any kind of splash screen whatsoever on the Series X before the Xbox 360 boot screen loads in, while the original Xbox One and the Xbox One X take around 15 seconds longer to even get into the game.

This is pretty interesting considering that the majority of tests so far have shown that load times aren't drastically different with original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, but even loading in the emulator takes significantly longer.

There's little doubt that the Xbox Series X is going to be the best way to play your backwards compatible Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles this holiday... now we're just waiting for that dedicated next-gen footage!

Happy with this? Will you be taking advantage of Xbox 360 back compat on your Series X/S? Let us know below.