Here we go! Microsoft has today unveiled a 15-minute official Xbox Series X|S walkthrough demonstration, giving us a very in-depth look at how the console performs ahead of its release on November 10th.

The video is hosted by Xbox community program manager Malik Prince and principal program manager Harrison Hoffman, and takes us through everything from backwards compatibility to Quick Resume, as well as the refreshed interface which includes some next-gen exclusive features.

You can check it out above, and here's what Microsoft has to say about this walkthrough:

During the video, you’ll get a closer look at how we’ve made it faster than ever to get into your games, how games on the next generation of Xbox look better and play better than ever before, and how the Xbox app keeps you connected to your console and friends, even when you’re not home.

From the new dashboard experience and our new Xbox Wireless Controller to next-gen game optimizations and storage solutions, this video will give you a look at everything you can expect from Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Has this video got you even more hyped for November 10th? Let us know in the comments.