Update: YouTuber iJustine has also now posted a video of her receiving the huge Xbox Series X fridge, complete with a console style unboxing! You can check it out above.

Original story: Sony has recruited Travis Scott as a "strategic creative partner" to help promote the PlayStation brand, so who does Microsoft have? It seems they've gone with the one and only Snoop Dogg.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, the veteran rapper showed off a full-size Xbox Series X fridge - which he seems to have received for his birthday (earlier this week he turned 49 years old). Thankfully, the clip was reuploaded on Twitter by Wario64:

As you can see, the fridge has a large Xbox logo (just like the real thing) and even a (non-functioning) disc drive. On the inside, there's a birthday cake shaped like an Xbox Series X, plenty of Xbox bling, and an actual Series X!

At the very end of the video - if you couldn't hear it - Snoop signs off with "it's in the game" - EA Sports' famous motto. As cool as it may sound, we admittedly don't think Electronic Arts has anything to do with this.

Microsoft or Snoop haven't revealed any details about what's going on at the time of writing - so we'll just have to wait and find out if this is more than a birthday present. What do you think of Snoop's new fridge? Tell us down below.

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