Windbound (Aug 28)

Welcome back to your weekly Xbox roundup! We've got some huge releases ahead of us over the next few days, as well as four day-one launches going straight into Xbox Game Pass! Talk about value for money...

Let's take a look at the full list of upcoming games below:

  • Madden NFL 21 MVP Edition (Aug 25): "A new generation is leaving its mark on the NFL. Will you rise to the occasion? Change the game, and take control of your own legacy."
  • No Straight Roads (Aug 25): "Start a rock band & end the EDM empire in No Straight Roads, a rockin' action-adventure from the minds of Wan Hazmer (Final Fantasy XV) and Daim Dziauddin (Street Fighter V)."
  • Street Power Soccer (Aug 25): "Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade-style football experience. Face off against street football legends or friends in a variety of over-the-top game modes and playgrounds..."
  • Project CARS 3 (Aug 25): "Live every thrill of your journey from weekend warrior to racing legend as you race to earn, own & upgrade hundreds of precise handling, elite-brand cars."
  • Talking Tom: Candy Run (Aug 26): "Choose your favorite Talking Tom and Friends character and get ready to run, jump, and slide your way through an epic, candy-filled adventure."
Madden NFL 21 MVP Edition (Aug 25)
  • Cinders (Aug 26): "A mature take on Cinderella that's all about player choices and breaking the classic fairy tale in any way you like."
  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster (Aug 26): "Coming back to the family hotel after years, a young woman finds herself trapped with the ghosts from her past..."
  • Skyhill: Black Mist (Aug 26): "In Skyhill: Black Mist you awake inside huge interconnected buildings conglomerate, the so-called Skyhill condominium."
  • Tell Me Why: Chapter One (Aug 27) (Xbox Game Pass): "Tell Me Why is the latest narrative adventure game from DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind the beloved franchise, Life is Strange."
  • Giraffe and Annika (Aug 27): "After waking from a strange dream, Annika finds herself stranded on the island of Spica, having no recollection of her past."
  • The Last Campfire (Aug 27): "The Last Campfire is an adventure, a story of a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home."
Tell Me Why: Chapter One (Aug 27)
  • Hypnospace Outlaw (Aug 27) (Xbox Game Pass): "Hypnospace Outlaw is a '90s internet simulator in which you scour Hypnospace's wide variety of weird and wonderful websites to hunt down wrongdoers..."
  • Wasteland 3 (Aug 28) (Xbox Game Pass): "Wasteland 3 is a post-apocalyptic RPG from inXile entertainment, featuring challenging tactical combat, hours of exploration, and a deep, reactive story..."
  • Road to Guangdong (Aug 28): "Penned by acclaimed author Yen Ooi, Road to Guangdong is a beautiful story-focused zen driving experience. Drive your beloved family car through 90s China."
  • Double Kick Heroes (Aug 28) (Xbox Game Pass): "The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines is a twin-stick fantasy shooter centered around the ability to stop time."
  • Windbound (Aug 28): "The Forbidden Islands are Calling, Unlock their Secrets. Shipwrecked alone on an uncharted island, explore, adapt and navigate the land and perilous seas to stay alive."
Wasteland 3 (Aug 27)
  • Tech Glitch (Aug 28): "An old school couch multiplayer game. Get your friends and compete against each other. Multiple game modes? Check. Many maps? Check. Power-Ups! Check."
  • Madden NFL 21 Standard Edition (Aug 28): "A new generation is leaving its mark on the NFL. Will you rise to the occasion? Change the game, and take control of your own legacy."
  • Hexagroove: Tactical DJ (Aug 28): "Your goal as a DJ is to combine musical loops in real time to regulate a virtual audience's energy, working them into a state of euphoria with your artistic skills."
  • Liege Dragon (Aug 28): "Engage with hordes of monsters in turn-based battles, and make use of Sorcery Stones to learn skills! Attack enemies as a team using Unison triggered by the bonds between the allies."
  • Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (Aug 28): "Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is an engaging strategy game set in a dark vampire world in turmoil, that combines empire management and turn-based combat with unique card-game elements."

More details and screenshots for most of these titles should soon be available over at Xbox Wire. Also, don't forget to check out our Pure Xbox roundup of all the games announced for August 2020 so far! Is there anything you're particularly looking forward to in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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