Turn the volume up for this one - Headbang Club has announced that its rhythm metal shooter Double Kick Heroes is coming to Xbox One on August 28th, and it'll also be available with Xbox Game Pass.

The game will "challenge players to survive on the highway to hell fighting an epic freakshow using the power of metal," and will feature over 50 tunes by the likes of Ultra Vomit, Volkorx, Gorod, Jinjer, Carpenter Brut and Gojira.

(We're not familiar with "Ultra Vomit," but that sounds like the perfect metal name)

And better yet, Double Kick Heroes will also feature support for USB drum and guitar controllers, meaning you've got another use for those expensive Rock Band peripherals!

It’s time to jump out of the mosh-pit and into your Gundillac, Sheila, and take on the baddest of badasses and survive in this metal moshing and mayhemic post-apocalyptic nightmarish wasteland.

Will you be headbanging to heavy metal with this one in August? Let us know in the comments.

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