Poll: Does The Xbox Series X Controller Look Better In Black Or White?
Image: Microsoft / Zak S on Twitter

Today has given us our first proper look at the next-gen Xbox controller in white; the result of various leaks that appeared online earlier this morning, which also alluded to the existence of the Xbox Series S.

And so, let's compare the two styles! Microsoft officially unveiled the black version of the controller all the way back in March, and we've got loads of images of it - check out our gallery for more.

We've also rounded up all the best images from today's leak of the Robot White controller, including several comparison shots with the current Xbox One controller - again, check out our gallery for the full set.

Xbox Series X / S Controller Black
Xbox Series X / S Controller White
Image: Zak S on Twitter

Do you think the Xbox Series X/S controller looks better in black or white? Let us know below.

Which Xbox Series S / X Controller Do You Prefer?