When the Creeping Winter DLC and new free content arrives in Minecraft Dungeons on 8th September, it won't be the last of the game's updates.

In a new video diary posted on the Minecraft YouTube Channel, the game's executive producer, David Nisshagen, touched on the future of the dungeon-crawler and how the team wants to keep providing "lots of continuous free updates" - like end game content - that makes the experience "better and better" over time:

"we also want to have, for the base game - for everyone - lots of continuous free updates that just makes the game better and better over time. So we will have things like end game content, end game features - where players who want more of a challenge and want to tickle their treasure collection fancy a bit more, they will have lots of stuff to look forward to."

"Stay tuned, there will be more updates coming in the future"

In a follow-up over on Twitter, Nisshagen reassured a fan that the next update wouldn't be the last one:

What updates would you like to see added to Minecraft Dungeons after the Creeping Winter DLC drops? Tell us below.