Microsoft Adds More Perks For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members

Microsoft has revealed a few more Xbox Game Pass Perks which can be claimed for free by those who are subscribed to the premium 'Ultimate' tier of the Xbox Game Pass service.

Let's start with a big one - Gears 5. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get a free Perks Starter Pack with their membership, which includes 2000 Gears Coins, 15 days of boost, the Neon Wave Weapon skin set and Collector's Winter Armour Marcus. This Perk is valid for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

And how about some free DLC for Overcooked 2? 2018's Surf 'N' Turf add-on is being given away at no extra charge for Ultimate members, which includes 12 new story levels and two additional versus levels.

Microsoft Adds More Perks For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members 2 Overcooked

If you're a Discord user, you can also benefit - Microsoft is giving away three months of Discord Nitro membership, allowing you to enjoy premium features such as animated avatars and bigger upload sizes.

And finally, you can also grab the Shadow Dragon Legendary Starter Pack for Gems Of War, which features a Legendary Troop, Legendary Weapon, 10 Legendary Ingots and 1500 Souls.

All of these can now be claimed on Xbox One or the Xbox app for Windows 10, and don't forget that previous Perks are still available such as limited-time Spotify Premium membership, a Phantasy Star Online bundle and more.

Will you be making use of any of these Xbox Game Pass Perks? Let us know below.