Japanese Xbox Site Classes Halo Infinite As 'Battle Royale Shooting'

There's been a lot of talk about whether or not Halo Infinite will feature a battle royale mode when its free-to-play multiplayer launches this Holiday, and according to the official Japanese Xbox website, that might be the case.

Earlier today, the site was classing Halo Infinite's genre as "battle royal shooting," as you can see from the video below. It could just be a translation error, however, as the reference has now been removed from the page.

While it sounds like it would make a lot of sense on paper, there's still a lot of doubt about Halo Infinite featuring a battle royale mode due to 343 Industries outright denying it back in 2019, with Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor telling fans at the time that "we are NOT doing this as of now - and no plans to."

Do you think this battle royale reference is alluding to anything? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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