Monster Energy X Halo Infinite

As you might have already heard by now, there's a story doing the rounds within the Xbox community that the price of the Xbox Series X has potentially been revealed via a Monster Energy X Halo Infinite promotion.

There are 200 first prizes up for grabs - with each winner receiving a copy of Halo Infinite and an Xbox Series X console.

According to Monster Energy, the total retail price of this first-place prize pool is $119,998. If you divide this amount by 200, it equates to $599.99 - which some fans now believe could be the retail price of Microsoft's new system.

Keep in mind, though, this includes Halo Infinite's $59.99 suggested retail price (a game no longer releasing alongside the new system in November). Subtract this and it drops the overall price down to $539.99 (that's about £412.63). Monster Energy even acknowledges the fact that the MSRP hasn't been revealed yet:

The Total ARV of all 1st Prizes is $119,998. The 1st Prize and its manufacturer’s suggested retail price have not been released to market at the time of print of these Official Rules. Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded.

That said, there could be some truth to it - former IGN reporter Alanah Pearce recently noted on the Kinda Funny xCast that she has seen an image of a retailer's work screens showing the price of the Xbox Series X as $599, although this could obviously just be a placeholder for the time being.

Now, if Microsoft could just give us an official release date and price that would be great. How much would you be willing to pay for an Xbox Series X? Tell us down below.

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